Council of ARKS [Ship 1/NGS] Alliance Recruitment


Hey everyone, I decided to make a new alliance recruitment post since I came up with this title card. Anyway I'm looking for members for my alliance Council of ARKS. The point of this alliance is for people to help each-other get stronger, so that they can help others. I want people to remember the name of this alliance and think of us as people that will help them if they ever need it and they see us around. I want to help people get strong enough to consider themselves elite, but this isn't a tryhard alliance, it would be at your own pace.

I do want people that will be as active as possible and communicate with each-other though (through text, I don't mean by a voice chat). I don't want people that are just lurking in the alliance and I don't even know when they've last been on. Interaction with the members in the discord when not in the game is also expected. You don't have to constantly be sending messages on the discord, but you do need to be interacting with people there every once in a while (especially if they are directly addressing you).

Anyway I think you get the point from my title card. Here's the discord link so it's easier for you to contact me: Council of ARKS Discord this is the alliance's discord, so do not join unless you are interested in joining the alliance.

Please ping me, mention me, DM me or something similar once you get in the Discord, I turn my notifications off on discord so I don't see everything light up on my discord constantly. So don't expect me to greet you if you don't say something first (I may do so if I'm actually looking at the discord at that moment, but if I don't that's why).

I am personally on between 2 and 4 (sometimes 5) am EST and between 9pm and 2am EST usually so I probably won't be able to accept you into the alliance until then. Check out the #📃player-id-and-joining channel on the discord to make it easier to join the alliance.

The general channel on my discord is called #🌠general-affairs-bureau if you can't find it.

@Riesz just joined your discord channel, I am playing on Series X, looking for an alliance