Forms Soul II VS Daityl Soul II

I'm just wondering if the two has any differences when increasing BP? Both of them has the same melee potency increase which is 2% but differ on damage reduction and PP increase. Does Daityl give more to BP as it is only dropped by the boss?

Hmm that is kinda complicated actually to know if one stat gives more BP than the other, each stat affects BP, but I'm not sure if specific stats affect it more than others. Even looking at arks visiphone all it says about the effects of augments is "Separate BP value assigned to each Augment. Varies by 3 - 5 per Augment." But that doesn't really make sense with augments that are based on a percentage, because if you have more of the stat then it would likely increase your BP by more (unless they managed to calculate the maximum possible in any stat and 5 was the result, idk).

And nowhere does it mention % damage resistance, which is a different thing than defense.

@Riesz Apparently its the same. I tried swapping Forms Soul II to Daityl Soul II and the BP didn't changed. I guess something with additional stats might add to the BP.