Login bonus not being claimed

For two days in a row, I am unable to claim day 7 of the limited time. The normal login bonus is working as intended. I think what might have bugged out the limited time login is the fact i purchased the premium set on day 6 of the login. The character name is Steel Cobra

im having similar problems with the regular log-in stamp and the limited time. I dont receive the first or 7th day bonus. i also have premium. submitted a ticket last week and still no response. also tried the twitter account and nothing.

Not getting my login stuff at all either ;w;

the 7th day reward is glitched visually and looks like you never got it but in all times they happened I got the last reward even through it shows to me that was never claimed, also doesn't help that every 7 days we get a SG reward and if you are login in every day after the daily count reset both will be counted at the same time

I didn't get it either~ I don't know what's going on I paid special attention to it last time I didn’t get it This time I also took out everything on my body~ it was still empty after signing in