Geant Armor giving insane amounts of resistance

c0defbc3-3384-4604-be3f-cd7c521177e5-image.png ba7d2e74-912f-4fd5-93c7-a4bc12958d07-image.png my Geant armor gives me resistance to all statuses instead of reducing it and on top of giving it, it also gives 4,294,967,246%. it also doesnt say that it gives any it still just says -50% ive tried taking it off and putting it back on aswell as restarting my game then repeating but nothing seems to fix it and i dont want to get banned if this does get me in trouble

It is just an overflow error in the display. It makes you have horrible ailment resistances to the point that if you see lizards you want to dodge every single attack especially ice lizards. I know someone that got frozen by them for two minutes.

so the status resistance in my stats is just visual then?

Yes it just shows wrong.

cool, thanks for the help