can't wear outfits after switching from body type 1 to body type 2

i got some new outfits from scratch ticket and wanted to try them on so i switched from body type 1 to body type 2 cause the outfits i got was for female. when i try to put them on they were greyed out and i can no longer wear any outfits both male and female. anyone know how to fits it?

Switch basewear

i switched to a different one but it is still not working

You can change in the salon and you can also save looks for each model for easy switching between them anywhere afterwards.

![alt text](image urlpso20210702_053121_001.jpg )

i still can't use the outfits after i switch even changing the inner wear and basewear

Change in salon

i still can't i switched in salon and i have it in my inventory pso20210702_054542_002.jpg pso20210702_054606_003.jpg

This is definitely a bug. Might be related to other bugs I've noticed recently with the Salon in general. Including but not limited to the bug that prevents you from removing layered wear in the salon, on type 1 bodies.

@rektish not outfit, basewear

@Pariah-Chan said in can't wear outfits after switching from body type 1 to body type 2:

@rektish not outfit, basewear

Oh, I get what your saying. Yeah @rektish, you have to switch your base wear out, before you can switch outfits. They did this, I think, to separate outfits NGS offers, from base PSO2 outfits.