Hello Everyone,

I'm struggling with a problem with NGS since 2 weeks. I have played NGS during 2 days and I did a windows update, since I can't play the game anymore. The game start, launcher open up, click on play and nothing happens. The game and the anti-cheat stays active in background. 08160417-453d-408b-a17e-89588fa4309d-image.png I have tried disabling my Firewall, downgrading my windows update to a pre-bug version, using the tweaker to repair Gameguard, deleting Gameguard files, uninstalling and reinstalling the game (8 times lol 100 gigs is long) but nothing works. I also got a bug where Gameguard can't connect himself (You need to disable IPV6 from your internet connection to solve this problem).

SO my conclusion is that something blocked Gameguard since he is considering an app as cheating so I've tried to disable all kind off non-essential service but nothing worked. I've also tried to allow gameguard in the whitelist to Firewall but since I don't have any .exe file in my gameguard I can't allow anything. I've tried to download gameguard as a standalone to get this exe but nah, doing latest windows update, changing connection. This still doesn't work and I have no clue how I am about to salve this. I made 5 bug report...

Through the tweaker I tried to repair & fix gameguard, repair & fix the game, jap version etc etc... Nothing works I'm on steam version so... I tested to use the tweaker version and guess what ? Nothing worked. So I'm kinda done with your game, struggling with your anti-dirty cheat, madness is coming for me rn ahahah.

Thanks for reading my last word, thanks for all the time I played on PSO2 & bit of NGS arks, has been a pleasure o/