Fixa not affecting BP?

I'm replacing my non-fixa resurgir rifle with a level-4 fixa termina resurgir rifle. Both weapons are fully enhanced and affixed. The affixes are not exactly identical but on the fixa weapon I got precision III, pettas soul I, lab note, and gigas precision I. On the non-fixa weapon I got precision III, petta soul II, lab note, and dread keeper I. My level 4 fixa rifle has 2 less bp than my non fixa rifle. So I'm thinking the fixa doesn't affect bp whatsoever even though it improves the stats. That doesn't make sense to me but oh well.

Yeah it seems it doesn't. I checked my BP using one geant with fixa 4 and a non-fixa geant, both with identical augments. I tried replacing one item to see if my BP would increase/decrease but nothing happened. It seems they don't count fixa when calculating your BP.

Im thinking the reason behind this is the faxt that Fixas themselves are very rng based. Just getting the right fixa on the right weapon, with the the right fixa level, is such a pain to have to farm for. If it did add to BP i feel like this would just make so many issues.

@GuardienReaper Not really if they gatekeep future content within reasonable bp they won't have issues if people have fixa or not. Adding 5 bp for one fixa and 10 bp max for level 5 for example is not really a big deal.

@BoomBoy No its probably not, but by that time we will most likely have weapons and armor that are going to be higher than 4* with better augments as well as a way to have more that 4 augments on said weapons/armor.

As of now with only really needing 1184 BP to do most content (besides fighting Gigas) i feel like its fine that fixas dont add to BP. We will just have to see what will happen down the line, and see what will actually affect power creep

Other than vaulting gatekeeping with BP, the only.ones that care about BP are the epeen measurers.

BP stands for battle power so I don't see why fixa wouldn't be calculated into it, but then again you can hit the BP requirement for UQs while being too low level to do damage, so it's for sure a great system and not just another layer of redundancy to force the game to be slower.

@John-Paul-RAGE Yeah a lot of these systems to make sure people have the right stats to be allowed to do content could have worked well, but their implementation seems like just a hindrance so far.

The enemies scaling based on the number of players nearby works terribly without it considering whether the players can actually fight the enemies or not, and the BP requirements really doesn't need to affect the story, just using it for queued content would have make much more sense, or at least with how things in the game are so far.

I'm not sure if some of these systems will make at least a little more sense with content later on in the game, but so far it doesn't.

@Riesz BP would be fine if being 5 levels below the enemy didn't exist. Having both of them is just weird. They should do one or the other instead of both.