BUG: AC Scratch Preview Doesn't Show Proper Texture Resolution

In the name of science, I got myself an N-Viola Magica [Se] from Oracle Renew, and found that the AC Scratch preview is actually bugged, horribly destroying the perfectly fine texture on these renewed outfits.

alt text

On the left of the screenshot is my actual character in the game, wearing the N-Viola Magica [Se]. On the right, is the good-old AC Scratch Prize List Preview window. Look at the lines on the "skirt" and the gold lining.

Here's the original untouched screenshot before cropping, for reference: https://imgur.com/oTbj66a.jpg

The renewed outfits are perfectly fine and up to NGS standards when you actually wear it in the game (and it's also correctly displayed when in the Salon). The preview window gave us degraded textures.

Anyone have the same problem? Or are all your preview windows working perfectly?

I was wondering why the textures when previewing the innerwear looked so bad. This must be the reason and not that they just used a horrible texture.