Easier to find emotes

I have 2 suggestion on how to make emotes easier to find

Add a alphabetical option

Give people the choice to make a bunch of folders and being able to name them so they can put the emotes where they want them ( I know there's a favourite system and I don't mean that)

They need to add the numbers beside emote names for easy reference.

Let me CTRL + F (search) emotes

i cant even find how to preform emotes much less find them in NGS B^(

I know I have 24 pages of emotes and it is so hard to find what I'm looking for.

Yeah they neglected to upgrade the convenience the UI for a lot of stuff in NGS still. Like why can we still not change the size of the symbol art editor, and get additional zoom options since if we could resize it then higher magnifications would be able to fit.