Photon dash upgrade

I have an idea that'll make Photon dash better ( I play on console ) ( default controls ) instead of needing to press and hold right Trigger and then let go of right Trigger then tap it again to turn off spring that will stop you in place for a few seconds I propose this you press and hold right trigger as normal to engage photons dash but as soon as you let go it would return you to the jogging animation

I don't play PC so I don't know what buttons to use

@Drakaina Oh, you went through the trouble of making a new thread. I'll go and re-edit my other post. Also, I second the idea, as I've seen others having issues with this.

Edit: I edited my other post to link to this thread for ya.

I'm adding here, since the dash is inconsistent even with mouse/keyboard setups, and I run into times double tapping doesn't activate the dash, sometimes I have to trigger a short glide so I literally hit the ground running.

I would personally prefer the Photon Dash to initiate similarly to how games like NieR Automata initiates sprinting. You have a very similar layout (a dodge button that initiates sprinting) but the distinction is that in NieR Automata you immediately sprint if the game detects a movement input as you are dodging. This means that if you are only intending to dodge, you don't need to move but you aren't animation locked in this so if you do end up sprinting and moving around it helps you get around the area.

In New Genesis, however, you are animation-locked in the dodge and must hold the dodge button for what is nearly the entire duration in order to start the Photon Dash. If you compare this with the Step-Jump mechanic from the original Phantasy Star Online 2, it is noticeable how much slower your dodges are as a result. I would love to cancel our dodges once more with jumping or even the Photon Dash for more nimble mobility as the movement is relatively clunky if you aren't counting frames and pacing yourself to match. It does not help me that by playing classes like the Hero, Phantom, Etoile, and Luster that you had significantly more control than what New Genesis currently grants.

Ah, i thought this thread would be about making it 3-5x faster, but i guess not.

The areas are big and full of nothing, as expected, so there isn't really any reason to go slow and look around (after the red boxes anyway), only running from trial to trial and mineral deposit to mineral deposit. Might as well get to the action/get it over with as quickly as possible.

a controller 🎮 can also be used on PC 💻

@TURION-MOONSTAR Yeah, and some PC players like Keboard and mouse only. Nobody shoukd have to conform to one play style or another, for gameplay to be comfortable, or functionally convenient.

I've had the opposite problem. I keep triggering Photon Dash when I'm trying to do counters even though I'm just tapping it. Only happens when I play Ra as well, never on Hu. This is on KB+M, double tap disabled. Maybe it's an FPS drop thing due to seeing the entire attack rather than just the feet of the boss?

Another way to activate the photon dash is to land while gliding, so if you do have trouble you can just hold the jump button while not dashing to do a single jump leading into a glide so you land soon and start dashing.

@Weirdo That is exactly what I do sometimes when the dash is being stubborn.