[PSO2] Salon: Character too short

Saving a character during auxiliary creation brings up a "too short" message when loading that character data and using it for a normal character.

I made an auxiliary character and saved it to possibly use later as my main character. When I loaded that character and tried to save it with some edits, the salon told me the character was too short (<150 cm) despite being over 200 cm without any clothes. When I was making the auxiliary I wasn't aware of the height drop for them and I can imagine that that's what is causing this issue. The height drop likely gets saved in the character data despite not using it in the normal Salon.

There was no way that I could figure out how to fix it to use the character data for my normal character as nothing I did got rid of that hidden height drop.

Sounds like a bug that came in after the NGS launch, since I made my alt using my aux data before the big release.

Since characters bodies can be different sizes now, one of the six body type available is under the maximum limit. Make sure to check all your body sizes to see if they’re under 150 unclothed.




@Pariah-Chan It said they were over 200. I even have a pic I can post. unknown.png So there should be no reason as to why this character can't be saved. The only reason I can think of as a new player is that somehow, the auxiliary "height drop" was included in the save data.

@i0brendan0 check your type 1 body, type 2 body, type 1&2 cast body, plus the simple ones as well. Make sure it’s unclothed as well.

@Pariah-Chan This one is type 1 and definitely unclothed. I don't see why the other ones would matter if I'm not using them. Plus i dont know what you mean by simple ones. The only body types available are the humanoid and CAST ones. But anyway, all of them are well above 150 cm. They were all above 200 actually.

@i0brendan0 the game keeps separate data between the new and old body types



So in the data you saved could be up to 6 varying body sizes, you’ll have to test via new and old type clothing to see everything exactly.

@Pariah-Chan I do have the option that is supposed to keep the two body types the same as much as they can. but i was testing out both types and still, above 200. I play tall characters so this shouldn't be a problem.

Then check cast bodies as well, somewhere is the issue

@Pariah-Chan Ok so, I really don't know what the problem was back then, but it seems to have fixed itself? For some reason it goes to the purchase changes screen so I guess it's fixed? I can try it again next time I start the game, maybe there's another thing that was unaccounted for when I tried again. But I know it should have worked as the height should stay throughout every body type. I had the height to max and when I cycled through the body types they were all freakishly tall, so that shouldn't have been the issue.

@i0brendan0 glad you was able to fix the issue! ❤

Would you mind supporting our cause against height censorship, the main reason this problem exists? :3