Fastest way to lvl up?

I heard AQ is the best but its taking me forever, im now level 47 hans quests arent that great either.

what is AQ???? is that a Mission?

@Lwyu AQs are only really good if you have a full party (a multiplicative 40% EXP boost) and trigger a PSE Burst since that creates a continuous spawn of enemies. Also, I'm not sure if they have implement the always-on EXP boost for AQs that is present in the JP server, so that may be why they don't see that lucrative.

@NEXTEL-CUP AQs are Advanced Quests.

Play in a group of four, everyones boosters stack with another.

@Valleria-Lockheart Not quite; being in a party of 4 players gives everyone in the party a multiplicative 40% EXP Boost (using NPCs still gives a boost, but it is lower). It does not combine everyone's boosters.

This is still a big boost because Booster Items, like a Triboost +100% or an EXP +75%, are additive so those two would give you +175%EXP or 275%EXP (100%[base EXP]+100%+75%), but the Party Boost multiplies your Boosters, so instead you get 385% EXP with just a EXP+75% and Tri-boost+100% ([100%+100%+75%]x1.4).

Your single best leveling method is getting all the exp boosters you have on time for Urgent Quests. Specially cradle of darkness. (Exp Boost, Triboost, Full Party, Medical drinks, etc)

Outside that, you can just unlock missions and client orders all the way up to Super Hard, specially explorations, which you want the access to the most if you're solo.

Speaking of solo, your second best leveling method is batch completing client orders. Stock on all the ones you can possible do in, for example, a single Forest Exploration run, then turn in and proceed with a batch of orders for the next exploratiom area.

This is even better once you unlock SH, as an additional "defeat 70 enemies" set of client orders is unlocked, which stacks with the "defeat 60 enemies" set.

If you can do Very Hard, you can do the client order method.

The AQ you do is also important when considering XP gains due to mob density. City area is really good for +50 risk because it has high mob density due to being a relatively small map.

The max infected ragne also gives around 400K exp with a 150% Exp booster, 100% tribooster, and in a party of 4.

VH is the "fastest" xp, but SH is more worthwhile if everyone is strong enough to carry their own weight due to possible 13* drops and more common 12*s with good affixes.

thanks everyone