NGS: Restasigne infinite buying glitch

I am able to buy and hold more than the default limit of 10. I think what happend was i pressed on buying "9" too fast with controller and it bought it twice so i ended up with 18 restasigne. Was seeing if I could buy more afterwards and yes indeed, as you can see I was able to purchase more, although I can only do so in increments between 1~10. Just wanted to bring awareness to this so I also won't get banned for bug abuse or whatever. I am not buying more don't worry, being Immortal doesn't sound fun to me anyway lol restasigne bug.jpg Edit: After using 1 it sets you back to 10, so you can technically have 11 usable ones. I guess this makes it less game breaking than I initially thought. But still, a glitch is a glitch.

That dones seem like quite the glitch, good catch!