multi-weapon contextual inputs?

so certain weapon types have associated skills that make it so when you input a normal attack in a certain circumstance, something other than a normal attack happens—examples being the counters on twin daggers, knuckles, double saber, sword, and wand, as well as the twin daggers' acceleration drive.

my question is, if you have a multi-weapon, do you need to use the normal attack corresponding to the weapon type for this to work? for example, if i have a sword/partisan, and i map the sword's weapon action to the palette in order to counter attacks, do i then also have to map the sword normal attack in order to use the counter plus followup? or will using the partisan normal work as well?

i finally got my multi-weapon together and answered my own question—you do need to use the right weapon's normal attack to activate contextual actions pertaining to that weapon's skills. it's kind of clunky, but consistent with how multi-weapons have worked so far.