Alts in New Genesis

What exactly is the point of them now that they made dailies and weeklies account bound? Seems like a waste of money at this point for those who utilized them to make more money in base pso2

New event on the 7th obviously. ;3


If you think it's a waste of money then just don't buy extra slots, 3 free ones are enough.

They provide extra storage and like recently, each character was distributed 1 N-skill reset pass.

I like that tasks and gathering are per-account. It means they won't balance meseta and resource generation against the possibility that players will use three characters, so for the most part one main character can be played most of the time now.

@Pariah-Chan said in Alts in New Genesis:

New event on the 7th obviously. ;3

...well, shoot. Hopefully 500 is about as much as a main character could get for going after regular seasonal symbol enemies in the time it'd take an alt to kill them?

Each character starting NGS can recolor some NGS default layeringwear for free. Or that recoloring can be used to recolor CAST parts of that character.

Adding to this, each newly started character will have 5 hours of salon grace time. As NGS has removed all distinction between races and genders, we can use any character creation data with any character. So this 5 hours grace time for new character can also be used to tweak the appearance of our main character.

And the skill reset pass HarmlessSyan mentioned is pretty important IMPO. Unlike the original PSO2 where global received only contents tested and verified on JP server, in NGS we will likely to see more adjustments (or bug fix) of class skills, which means we have a good chance of getting skill reset passes. I personally expect they'll hand out one pass at least once in every few months 😁

And someone wrote on another thread on the same topic that alt characters are useful to test alternate class skill builds. I totally agree.

@Fiona-Respha That still kinda pales in comparison to how it use to be imo