Flashing Black screen

Have been having a problem where my screen will flash black on both base game and ngs

@SentientW0lf For like a millisecond right? I've seen that too from time to time.


@Weirdo said in Flashing Black screen:

I think that is just it loading the other game.

No, I'll be sitting in a block on NGS for example, in the city, talking to players, or using the shops, and for a split second, almost at random, the screen would flicker black. I thought it was my console, until I saw a couple of other people post about it elsewhere. It's happening less and less, and as I haven't seen it since after the last patch, I thought SEGA fixed the issue. It happens in both the base game, and NGS.

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@Anarchy-Marine happens for a while, and is at its worse when moving the camera around

@SentientW0lf have you turned off TSAA in graphics settings?

Something similar happens to me but only on the character edit screen

I've experienced it too but I play it on Xbox one

@SentientW0lf said in Flashing Black screen:

@Anarchy-Marine happens for a while, and is at its worse when moving the camera around

This particular version of that issue, doesn't happen to me. For me, it doesn't matter if I move the screen or not, at one point, when the game first launched, I'd get a randomized flicker, that was a once in a while type thing. It seemed to have gone away about a patch or two ago, so I thought either my console was on its way out, or it was a bug that got patched, but given that others are still experiencing this, that's not the case.

On Xbox myself, I believe certain suits or accessories are causing it.

Here’s a pic for evidence, black screen but not taking up whole screen:


@Pariah-Chan There are just a lot of visual bugs with this new graphical overhaul overall it seems.

They gave xbox user the bad port of ngs i have the same problem with black screen the shy clouds i can draw on them with my character bad fog with weird black lines.the draw distance is bad to trees looks blury and i can only see 8 player out of 32 and yes im at max setting with thd xbox series x.

I was going to make a thread about this like 2 weeks ago but completely forgot about it. But now that someone has made one I can share my experience.

I'm an Xbone S player and I've also had problems with the screen flickering black. This problem happens more often in PSO2 than in NGS however, I've taken footage of it happening here in the Gate Area, and most annoyingly against Sodam, in the Wind Element/Dual Element Phase. But these are not the only places where ot can happen in PSO2, I've also experienced it in other maps like in Floating Facility. It also has happened sometimes on NGS, mostly when I'm near those steal beams that stick out of mountain cliffs.

Now I don't remember if it was mentioned here in another thread, or if someone in my alliance recommended me to do it, but deactivating Bloom effects in the Graphic Settings actually eliminates the screen flickering of the game, as seen here once again in a Sodam run I recorded a few hours ago with Bloom turned off. I haven't checked on NGS but at least PSO2 was fixed that way.

I had this issue as well when I started playing (Xbox One). The issue I was having was that my carrot-stick rappy accessory from PSO2 was causing my flickering black screens. (I had to play the whole tutorial until I had access to the salon basically blindfolded.) Thus on possible issue people are having is a rendering issue with certain cosmetics, so for the time being a possible fix for some is taking a look at equipped cosmetics.

@SentientW0lf I'm seeing the same thing happen, more often in the base game than NGS but the entire screen goes black until I move around. This happened once in NGS while exploring Aelio too but it would not correct itself. I had to quit the game from my home screen.