Why exactly are other players running in place?

To specify my question: It doesn't matter wheather you are in town or in the wild areas, other player will always run in place and teleport away after 3-20 seconds. As much as I hate it, because it really breaks all immersion for me (there isn't a single mmo where I encountered this phenomenon), my question focuses on the reason why this is happening. I know the pso2 and NGS netcode is way more client sided than any other mmo, but how exactly do these things correlate or explain this issue? To clarify this: I don't want people posting assumptions or start a discussion. All I want is a person who knows his shit try to explain to me why this is happening and how the netcode is responsible for it. Thanks

Packet loss occurs when one or more packets of data travelling across a computer network fail to reach their destination. Packet loss is either caused by errors in data transmission, typically across wireless networks,[1][2] or network congestion.[3] Packet loss is measured as a percentage of packets lost with respect to packets sent.

The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) detects packet loss and performs retransmissions to ensure reliable messaging. Packet loss in a TCP connection is also used to avoid congestion and thus produces an intentionally reduced throughput for the connection.

In real-time applications like streaming media or online game, packet loss can affect a user's quality of experience (QoE).


Edit: In short, those moments that traffic is interrupted, you are not Receiving data from the server, and the server is not getting the Data you are sending so it cannot update your client. So players will Run in place, the last known location the server told your client they were in. Or whichever action they were stuck doing at the time.

But how exactly is this tied to NGS netcode? You cannot tell me that there is constant packet loss (just stand in a town and see players run in place every few seconds). Why would you not try to prevent this kind of stuff from happning? Once again there is no game where I see people run in place for seconds, so how come NGS cannot provide a proper experience? By this logic, NGs has ominipresent packet loss and other mmo does not? Why would there even be packet loss in the first place? Thanks for giving some information, but this is far from a satisfying answer.

Long story short: the servers are held together with rubber bands and bubblegum. :3

@Yui2387 is mostly because others MMOs are in base server side and PSO2 is client side so even with the small interruptions of package lost the one that will tell where you are is always the client so the chances of seeing people teleporting is always high because it won't depend only from your connection but also theirs, still you see this happening in the areas that hold more players than in the areas that only hold up to 8 players.

But why doesn't that affect damage calculation? In PSO1 everything was client sided because it was technically a singleplayer/splitscreen game that also allowed you to play with your characters online, plus online games were in an early stage. Why do I mention this? Because PSO1 had insane issues with damage calculation when playing in a party online (damage cancel). I assume PSO2 does not suffer from this issue but I still don't understand why the teleporting is happening and how it doesn't affect damage calculation.

@Pariah-Chan said in Why exactly are other players running in place?:

Long story short: the servers are held together with rubber bands and bubblegum. :3

but what about bandaides because duck tape cost too much?

Well they had some funding from pso2, so they could afford something fancy. XD