Hi! Sukiyucky is a small alliance looking for more members to enjoy PSO2 NGS with 🙂 We have members playing across all timezones, so you won't feel lonely. We also have a discord channel for members to communicate/share PSO2 news and tips.

Any type of player (casual, semi-casual, serious) is welcome to join our alliance. Do you want to grow stronger in PSO2 NGS, and enjoy understanding game mechanics and refining your skills? Well, we have members who are quite into the Maths of damage outputs etc and can point you in the right direction. ^^ Our only requirements are that you are LGBT+ friendly, you like doing boss fights and doing content while in small groups, and happy to make new friends (us!)

Please DM me on discord Khjion#2657 if you are interested to join or have more questions about us! ^^