[NGS]We need to be able to block/report from the chat log

With the bots resorting back to spamming the chat log, they’ve also gotten clever and sit at the top of the tallest tower in Central City. The only way to block them currently is to climb up there yourself so that they show up in the “nearby characters” menu option to block them. If we could just block/report from log it would be a lot easier.

Would be nice to be able to do that.

So I wrote this out of frustration as I’m currently in game getting spammed, but I decided to try to go inside the tower and that’s actually close enough to block them. My opinion still stands that we should be able to block from the log though.

When the bots are on top of the main building, you can use Nearby Players from inside the command room to report them.

Start sending bots party invite and warp them to a cocoon, do your part to keep central city clean! 😉

@Knightlight First off, Quna simps rise up. I love your user pic. Second, yeah, the damn bots lost SA abilities, and so they went back to spamming chat. I found one hiding behind that large ass wall monitor, that I'm assuming will be for future concerts. They are just irritating overall. Chat log would help make my reporting of their activities, far easier.

I've seen some in central aelio. A little harder to find those than the once on the tower. Also, i saw this coming as soon as they announced that SA has been turned off.

I'd love this. Auto chat spam/bot spam sometimes it just floods chat which is annoying.