Some accessories are missing shadows

Seems like not all accessories cast a shadow, something might have gotten missed during the conversions.


You can clearly see the shadow on the wings and demon tail, but the Mystic Style Ears and MFDB Tail don't have shadows.

There might be a whole bunch of old accessories with this bug, just I only noticed on two of the accessories I use on one of my characters.

@LazerRay What are your shadow settings at? I noticed at lower settings, like at 1, accessories all lose shadows, and the rest of the shadows lose quite a lot of their detail.

My shadow settings are maxed, since my system can handle it with out any issues.

@LazerRay I wonder if the latest patch broke this then, because it seemed fine last week, at least for me.

This bug has been there for a while, I just finally got a screenshot to compare accessories.