[NGS] Check Market Prices/Shop Search Bugs for Oracle Renewal Collection

Using Check Item Prices from the Prize List on the Oracle Renewal Collection results in any item selected not populating the lists. At first I thought it was just a financial failure of a scratch ticket, but I discovered that I could find items from this ticket if I used the Category Layering Wear, left the search bar blank, and hit Search By Price/Date Posted and kept scrolling.

Using the search bar at all to try and locate anything from this specific ticket will always draw a blank for me, as well, despite moments ago verifying the existence of multiple postings of whatever item I searched using the previously mentioned method.

I've asked others to try out both the Check Market Prices and the Category Layering Wear searches, and each person I've asked has had the same experience, so it's not just me.

Something is seriously wrong with this new scratch.

Have you checked if they show up on PSO2’s market instead? They used to be items on there from the JP version, so some wires might have been crossed.

@Pariah-Chan I haven't, no. I'll go give it a shot, I guess.

@Pariah-Chan no luck on checking PSO2's side.

Well the thought was nice, search is just generally broke then. 😕

Yep, I noticed this as well.

I noticed this as well. Can still find stuff, but it takes way longer and is incredibly tedious. Hope they fix it soon.

From what I have read both global and JP are having this problem, you will need to look up the items via the category for the time being

I have this issue as well. The only way I can get through this is search by category like what others have already said. Which is very time consuming.

same issue here

Same issue as well. Cannot find oracle items by "Check Market Price" or even by searching by name. This affects all items on the scratch ticket, not just outfits

This still isn't fixed

@Amari-Kigu hopefully it will be after Maintenance