No. 816 Suspension

It's been almost a week since June 24th when I originally got the message that I have been suspended. I'm unsure how long the suspension is going to last but I know it's probably going to be longer than 2-3 weeks at the pace the support works at. Seeing all other older posts on people who received similar problems with No.816 Suspension waiting months for them to play the game again. I contacted SEGA directly and they pretty much told me to deal with the automated Zendesk support that PSO2 has. Which honestly sucks... Especially with all these new scratch tickets and content coming out next month. I've messaged them on Twitter but it just seems like I've just been addressed by the Zendesk robot and I'm being completely ignored. In a week's time I've messaged the original email pertaining to my support ticket every day pretty much stating I'm still suspended. In the other games I've been playing besides PSO2 I've contacted their support to see how fast they reach out just as a goof. It's been very interesting so far since all my emails to them were s**t posts but they still responded and had an actual human write me. It just sucks, my friends are currently blasting through the game while I'm not because I logged in again too fast and the automated cheat preventing robot decided I needed to be punished. I'd honestly rather someone steal all my stuff if it means I could still play the game. Obviously not completely true by hopefully my point gets across. If anyone has any advice I'd really appreciate it. I just want to play with my friends again. 😕

I'm still suspended 🥺 I can't play this game with my friends. Dead by Daylight is having it's anniversary event though. Still awaiting a reply from the support team. I've been suspended for Two Weeks now 😮💨 I wonder if my premium is gonna run out by the time I hop back on hahaha waste of $20

I am going on to my 3rd week now. Still nothing from the PSO2 support team. I hate Zendesk, what a garbage substitute for a support team.