Shrip transfer - Basic Storage

Hello, my Character got trasfered from Ship 1 to Ship 2, but all my Basic Storage just stayed on Ship 1.

In there are all my Augemtens and a lot of other stuff.

Lucky me, after creating an new Character on Ship 1 it now as all the Items in his Basic storage.

Now my Question:

How do I get the Basic Storage to my Main Char on Ship 2?

would it work, to put it on the new char on ship 1 into the character Storage, also do an ship transfer and then on ship 2 put it back into the basic storage? (Since the Character Storage get transfered too)

If you made a new char on the ship where you have stuff in your basic storage (Ship 1) and moved all the stuff into that char's character storage, it should transfer along with the char if you do a char transfer. Char storage is tied to the character, all other storage is tied to the ship.