Idea to stop bots

In public areas in both games make it so it is prohibited to use any sort of chat/symbol art function being area party Alliance whisper or group at all unless certain criteria have been met like

100 + hours playtime no idling ( Xealon said this would be a bad idea because you can just programme the bots to moveand after Reading what you said I agree)

Defeated the Hydra dragon in story mode

Being a certain level preferably 20

Certain amount enemies defeated

The purchase of substantial amount of AC and or SG

Having to change your default ID name example (PN1357924680) to something else ( this maybe a bad idea because Sega would need to make it so so it would cost to change it and the scammers just made pay the small fee)

Complete the multi weapon quest (Riesz idea)

Completing a week's worth of daily Quest (Xealon idea) I'm going to add completing the weekly quiteria

A point based system (Miraglyth idea) sounds good on paper but it would screw over people that will just like to chat in blocks or RP

A handcuff system (SaviorZero82 idea) sounds good on paper but could be used for trolling and would be a bad idea unless it could be implemented perfectly

If anybody has any more suggestions I'll add it to the list

I feel bad for all the legitimate new players who just want to talk.

@Goawei oh same here but if the scammers have to go through all of that just to get a single bot up and running they would give up

All they actually have to do is make players complete the multiweapon quest on one character (I mean it's required to progress through the story anyway) to use area chat, that way it makes them lose some of the meseta they're supposed to be selling, and makes it too much of an ordeal for them to be able to make more bots quick enough.

how to eradicate bots in 1 step: make ac items can only be sold once (in the player shop). it's a lot of brains for SEGA to understand that, or is there some weird reason not to:D

IP ban China and most bot issues will go away like magic.

@Chantro Some items would eventually be completely gone from the market then, because some of them only stay in the shop because of resellers. So if anyone wanted the item too late people may have used them or bought them all already.

@Riesz I disagree with the one-time sales of items that's just going to inflate the price even more

I want anybody showing SAs or speaking in chat to show up on the Nearby Characters list. That way I can report the bots without having to run around to find them.

@Kodiakmax within the report section they need actually add a report bot tab

Maybe just ban people who buy from gold sellers like blizzard? Oh wait that would require some work even though the playerbase is like 1% of WoW.

Could just send bots a party invite, then warp them to a cocoon. >;3

@Zeke said in Idea to stop bots:

IP ban China and most bot issues will go away like magic.

Or just ban VPNS, and take an EPIC approach to RTM.

@Drakaina said in Idea to stop bots:

100 + hours playtime no idling

Most of your criteria are pretty solid except for the one above. Not because it's a bad idea, but because separating active play hours from idle play hours is extremely hard to do.

You can't just track player movement because that can be circumvented by pointing your character into a corner and using a heavy object to hold down whatever key or button you use for forward movement.

You can't just track if a player's position changes because that breaks against a simple macro that moves the character back and forth.

So what criteria do you use to determine when a player is idle and when they're not?

Without some airtight method of distinguishing between both of those states this requirement could be easily defeated by creating a private room, joining said room manually with a bunch of botted accounts and then setting a macro to make all those accounts run around in a circle for 4 to 5 days.

Maybe this requirement could be replaced with one that requires the player to complete all daily quests for an entire week. Players will be doing this anyway to level up, but it would majorly slow down bot creation because there are enough different daily quests that creating a bot script to run every different daily quest would be very complicated and probably impractical. Meaning it would require an actual person to manually run the quests enough times on each bot account. Admittedly this requirement could be somewhat defeated by multiboxing a bunch of accounts and running them through daily quests simultaneously, but hopefully Sega has some kind of detection in place stop this sort of thing from happening.

Even if there there is no multiboxing protection it would still require all bot accounts to exist 7 full days, hopefully slowing down the creation process considerably.

@AlexOak said in Idea to stop bots:

@Zeke said in Idea to stop bots:

IP ban China and most bot issues will go away like magic.

Or just ban VPNS, and take an EPIC approach to RTM.

I think VPN's are already against the rules.