RMT Spam Bots Now Spamming Area Chat

So uh...can something be done about this?

Or is this the Premium experience you want your players to have? PSO2, where RMT is tolerated and encouraged, because SEGA approves? 🙂

I mean if you insist on not doing anything about it, can we at least have the option to turn off Area Chat? I want to see Alliance and Party as well as System messages at the same time, without manually toggling the chat display all the time.

Sega doesn't approve RMT bots, but unfortunately, there isn't an easy fix to get rid of them, sure you can probably get rid of them for a few days,

but sooner or later they will always come back, it's like a virus that mutates to find a new way to survive in new climates, except way faster...

The only thing you can do is to go to the RMT bot in question, click it, and press the block/report feature and report it before it leaves. Sega usually bans the RMT bots quickly.

@kztm since the bots aren’t prepared for a party invite, you could wrangle them up and drop them off at the Bujin Cocoon at Halpha lake by teleporting them there. >;3

Smart idea

Time to Disable area chat.


I mean the game is already gutted, prolly wouldn’t hurt to do that. XD

I swear if they disable area chat and bots start whispering everyone... 😠

Pretty soon at this rate the only way we'll have left to communicate is emotes and stamps, ><... wonder how long it'll take someone to complain emotes are too lewd and get them disabled as well.

Only if the bots started being lewd with them. XD

I wouldn't be surprised if they started to do that, it attracts a lot of attention tbh

I can imagine it now: emotes and overhead status disabled due to pole dancing bots with ads over their heads. XD

Mhmmm, dystopia here we go baby

I’d love to see wat the bots do when all forms of communication is cut, maybe invade the forums? I don’t think the GMs here have that kind of manpower to handle that. XD

Yeah, to be entirely honest, I wouldn't be surprised if the bots started spam posting here

I mean it is a possibility. I’ve seen a few on Discord already, they prolly don’t post here cuz it’s only like around 50 users posting here ever. :3

Yeah, which is the sad thing.. Some people know this forum exists, and a portion of those people use it to any degree.