Personal Shop now a paid only feature.

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It gives me shop access, premium storage, more symbol art slots, more outfit slots, and small extra boosts to food. All of those things are very worthwhile to me. I will not argue that it is less valuable compared to Base. But for a player like me I find it still very much worth the money i'm spending. And it'll be even more worth it once we get mission passes in it again when those come back.

It will only be worth it if they don't jack up the price again like they did for base PSO2. If they up the price of premium to include mission pass, then I am done.

The shop is the only content they got for premium atm so I don't think they are going to change that even though it wrecks the economy when you only have 100 people trading items with each other instead of a couple thousand.

@HermitST nah, even if mission pass was included $13 is still too much for premium. They can spin it because "but you also get all these features in pso2 base even though we aren't ever gonna do anything for that version ever again!"

We pay for premium to pay for scratches that have items that won't sell until inflation happens cause of the weird 500K minimum. Doesn't even stop RMT cause if someone is willing to pay money to a shady website you think the $7 shop pass gonna stop them? Heck no.

From the standpoint of a full PC-Gamer, Shop cards at $7 for 30 days is not much to ask for considering the cost of PC gaming.

If you are a adult who lives in your own home and takes care of all the bills, the following are your costs associated with PC gaming:

~Building your PC ~Setting up your area for your PC. (A desk, chair, setting a room aside for this) ~Cable Management (Don't Laugh... this is a thing that can cost hundreds, specially if you live with children) ~PC Monitor (or TV) ~Sound System (Speakers, Headsets, Mics, etc) ~Monthly Electric Bills ~System Maintenance ~Room Maintenance and Cleaning (where your comp is) ~Internet Connection (monthly bills and any security software) ~Operating Systems (if you pay for them) ~Keyboards, Mice, and Peripherals ~Buying games in general along with their DLCs (or in the case of F2Ps, blowing a lot of bandwidth to download on metered connections)

When presented with all of these costs, $7 is not asking for much.

My argument is the duration of these cards. I would much rather buy a pack of ten 3-Day Shop Cards as opposed to a 30 Day Shop card.

30 Day Shop cards force players to be very aggressive to maximize them.

I have the same thought with premium. I'd rather have three 10 day premium passes as opposed to a 30 day premium subscription considering that life gets busy at certain times of the year and it becomes harder to commit to a duration of 30 days considering everything else that takes priority in order to pay the bills, live a healthy life, and maintain relationships.

Not even a job forces you to commit to 30 consecutive days of work in this day and age. I wish these passes were more aligned with average lifestyles.

@CheekiestCarp0 I can agree with that.

It would allow to plan when you want to sell and spend time up until that point preparing, spend those few days offloading your inventory, then go about your business until you need it again.

Not optimistic that it will ever be a thing, though. They changed the way EXP/Rare Drop Boosters work so that the time is constantly decreasing regardless of if you are online or if the servers are even online. Worst change they could possibly make, especially considering that there was been emergency maintenance every week in addition to the regular maintenance.

24 Hour boosters are the absolute worst value. They cost a lot and most of that time will be wasted, much like a 30 day shop pass would be.