Personal Shop now a paid only feature.


The picture says everything. Sega has locked shops behind a pay feature, essentially giving freemium players the middle finger. 😠

This has been in the game since the original release in 2012, though. It's not a new item.

However, the free shop was available back then too, and now it isn't. I don't think there's any hope unless they listen to player feedback.

You were able to buy personal shop passes in base as well. Considering they're slowly rolling things out for NGS i'd personally wait to see if we don't get something similar to FUN back as the free path for shop access.

This was one of the main things people were raging about upon the game's release. I don't know how you missed it(though the intense negativity was definitely discouraging to read). Before(PSO2) you didn't need premium for a shop. In NGS there's no free way to get it.

I was thinking that they could add a rare enemy that can drop shop passes.

or they can add something like points for clearing UQ, trials, gigas and a merchant who will exchange them for shop passes.

Yeah, as long as it is something a bot can't do. At least in a short time without putting a ton of extra work into their script.

just buy premium: 3

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to afford it.

@Weirdo Im sure the device one is playing on cost a lot more 😮 People are more about "Principle of the matter" rather than can or cant afford with these things as they pertain to F2P games.

@AngryRhombus563 premium is no longer a good value and doesn't offer hardly any benefits. Spending $13 dollars just to access the player shop (or even $7) is pretty bad. I have my premium from the packs, but I don't see a reason to extend it any further for the foreseeable future.

Making it to where wealth can only be transferred to premium players while also having minimum limits on "Featured" scratch items makes it to where it isn't even worth it to scratch for profit. The incentive to spend has gone down a lot but the practices will continue thanks to extreme fans who have decided SEGA can do no wrong.

@AngryRhombus563 Dude, seriously? Even if a computer costs more, what about thinking about people who actually need them? IE:

they actually need it for their work/school education? Not everyone has the luxury to afford everything they want all the time.

That's why there should be something in place for the people who can't normally get them (just by playing/being good at the game).

If base PSO2 had it, I see no reason why not to include it for NGS.

Its not even a case of not being able to afford it I simply can't justify it.

its like half the price of a whole premium mmorpg subscription for a feature that is available to everyone in near every game it exists.

I get in free to play games you accept some level of bs from the devs but this is too far. They already have the scratches targetted for whales leave the average player alone.

@Crysiania I'm also going to second this, premium doesn't really offer many advantages over free player status, the only thing that incentives people to get it is the personal shop and daily rewards at the moment.

That's literally it. You don't have rooms, there are no more premium blocks.... No more trading... So think about it,

Is it worth it? No not really.