Personal Shop now a paid only feature.

You know I'm slightly on board with the whole pay to win thing for one reason.

Freemium players will never be able to keep up with premium players in terms of gear and money.

@FerrousAradicen Actually, no. They can. Sure Premium players might get a slight advantage when it comes to affixing and stuff like that, but in the long term... it's not by very much.

They're on pretty equal footing.

.... So its principle.

Because of their access to the market they're able to obtain far more income compared to freemium players, meaning maxing out gear far earlier while continuing to line their pockets with market superiority alone.

Freemium players don't hold a candle to the amount of money and gear premium players can obtain in a short time frame.

@FerrousAradicen I won't agrue with that, you have a point.

However, Sega also has things like Scratches which incentives whales to spend money on outfits.

Which then in the case of the duplicates, they sell for free players.

Why do they want more from that?

It's not even offering many benefits for us to justify.

Even if premium players get the advantage early on.. It won't be for long, in the longterm, the free players will still catch up, it's simply a matter of skill.

Given how the game is setup and the roadmap, freemium players will be playing catch up forever.

Provided sega doesn't change.

Also it's currently a sellers market, buyers are getting screwed.

@FerrousAradicen money, premium wins. Gear? Not necessarily with NGS. Gear has gotta drop and anyone can get the drop. There is nothing in the current game that requires being relatively close to maxed and the only BP gate can be cleared with fodder from pso2.

The new augment system also allows yoloing single capsules at a time until you have all the augments you want. Since gear is drop based, a free player can get the drop before a premium has a chance to flaunt their wealth.

Armor enhancements, those cost a ton to get to +40.

@Weirdo just requires feeding silver/gold/2* armor fodder you collect while grinding to each other.

current BP gate doesn't even require +40 on anything anyways.

There is no silver or gold armor.

Well money is the easy path to getting the gear you want, someone could go through all the effort of getting that specific weapon you want and all you have to do is shell out a few million to get it.

Freemium players can't get enough money to be throwing it at everything you want, as you said we have to get what we want through RNG, now this wouldn't really be a problem if it weren't for FIXA augments adding additional RNG. Premium players are more likely able to skip most of the RNG involved with getting the right gear for their build.

If FIXA augments dropped from bosses like regular augments then that would be great honestly, it would help alleviate some of the RNG involved.

@Pariah-Chan if the devs want money this isnt the way to go. Ngs has limited things to do and putting personal shop basic feature behind a pay wall further limits gameplay.


It gives me shop access, premium storage, more symbol art slots, more outfit slots, and small extra boosts to food. All of those things are very worthwhile to me. I will not argue that it is less valuable compared to Base. But for a player like me I find it still very much worth the money i'm spending. And it'll be even more worth it once we get mission passes in it again when those come back.

I have an idea for giving real players shop access. They could add quests that give free shop slots that require story progression and high enough BP to unlock allowing real players to sell stuff on the market while still having the benefits of shop passes for an extra 30 slots.