BUG: ornament display options not saved with Looks

"Hide Basewear/Setwear Ornamemt 2" is not saved into the Looks (Ensemble) settings. It is global, applying to the character regardless of what Look/Ensemble we load. This doesn't make any design sense, and has to be a bug.

Yea, I made a post about being able to set ornament hide/show outside of the salon because of this, as well as motions.

Ah yes motions as well.

Seeing how this doesn't directly affect their ability to get dollars, I think maybe we're gonna be stuck with this for a couple of years.

Was just coming to report this. Another weirdness with ornament display settings (which is maybe related?) - when you change them in the salon they don’t highlighted yellow/appear in review changes either.

Actually, Ornament display shouldn't even be a global option. It should be an option setting on each Setware or basewear with the capability seperately.

Man. I got excited for once started making saved looks. Then the ornament thing hit me. K.