[NGS] oracle renewal collection

You cannot price match or search and successfully find items from the scratch

You can search but it says none are available

JP server confirmed the same issue.


As the global communication team is supposedly working on PDT, I guess we have to wait some more to see the notice get translated to the global site.

As additional info, the JP notice says it might be possible to search those items on personal shops by setting categories, but with a quick try, I couldn't find a case that solution worked.

@Fiona-Respha off-topic but how do you get it to say what ship and Alliance you are apart of

@Drakaina At the top right corner, there're four icons. Click "Profile" then "Edit Profile" and editing the signature will do the job 😃

@Fiona-Respha what about the blue word how do you hyperlink

B2T. this bug sucks

@Drakaina The link command itself is in a format of [link text](link url), this will work in a signature too. Replacing the "link url" part with some actual URL will turn it into a working link.

@HoDKenji Indeed. I gave up turning this scratch for now 😞