Reason: Request for more custom cosmetic items. And maybe a little unloading of steam and thoughts.

To get right to the point before I throw my feelings around here. Seeing that some collaborations weren't done in the global server. Can we instead have more customizations for cosmetics? I am specifically asking for a right leg and a left arm only sleeves and socks. It will probably do the game good if we can avoid licensing issues by coming up with altered or somewhat similar only looking items that players can use to achieve a look they specifically like even though it might be an imitation of a character from another brand?

As for those who are asking for changes to difficulties and how the game is challenging players or asking the players to act? Maybe especially those who came from a certain looter shooter game, please, there are no founder's pack here and exclusive rights that says SEGA, Microsoft, or Devs should listen to our requests even though they will most likely follow whatever the majority of where their income comes from say. You might be ruining the community and fun that Gamers are trying to have. I'm not saying the Gigantix Spawn conditions at it's launch was bad or good, it was a great challenge and yes it was hard but that just makes it more worth the while to actually do it. Gamers don't complain about the game enough for it to change so they can have an easier time unless the challenge is utterly impossible by all means which by then it's probably a joke or a bad design. But we saw how it was possible to defeat the Gigantix at that point, most people and I admit I am one of those, just couldn't meet that requirement in the amount of time that it took before they had to change it because a lot was complaining I guess.

The rise of Free-to-Play Online Games have seemingly gave birth to a generation of whining "Gamers". Long gone are the days where you pay for a content and that's it, beat it or not, that's it. And all you need to talk about with other players is how much fun you had with it and if you actually did this and that. Now, "Oh game is too hard, let me complain to the makers, so they make it easier for me." attitude. But honestly, there probably aren't much players who care about that, Since the whole reasons for a person to play a game is to past the time, relax, socialize or compete. How many players out of a playerbase actually go to the forums to read stuff? People who have a lot of time to be writing or reading something like this I guess. Cheers! Hope you find this post to your liking. All that written, I am having a blast meeting and conversing with random players who share similar interests and just playing the game however I feel like alone(how can you be alone in an MMORPG??) or with friends and alliance mates. Great Game! Glad Microsoft saw it as well.

Maybe limit the usage of Symbol Arts to only be availble to max level characters. Poke a little work on those bot makers. haha. If this post is however ridiculously too offensive in our now onion-skinned world I guess. You can take it down, I don't mind. Communication only requires one to receive the message regardless whether the message gets erased from the medium or not. The world have already skinned me to the bones to know I can't always have my way and am not on top of the world or anyone.

HMMM. I wonder what the chances are they will redo the collaboration phasion of the past? If they do, and don't make any silly excuses, we could get a hold of items from PSO2 before global was ta thing.

@Sp-Ace they already make plenty of off brand suits tho:


@Pariah-Chan Nice! And can't hurt them if we want more right? I mean it's more money for them and satisfaction from us that keeps us to keep wanting more?

I’m sure they got plenty in the making, so as long as you support the game, they’ll keep providing plenty of wonderful stuff for you to enjoy. ❤