Why dose mantence start so early now

So why is it mantence starts so early recently usualy 10-11 our time now it's seven what's up with that usualy I can get up and play now I can't.

This is the new normal time and has been this for 3 weeks now. It is also weekly now. The reason is that it is at the same time as in Japan most likely because they are doing the same work on both servers at the same time.


As well, Maintenance Days are often picked by log in / play time; often those days are the ones with the lowest log ins across all servers and the prime day picked for said scheduled event. As well it often tends to be often the day of initial launch, updates and patches as well.

The game is in a horrible state of disrepair, so it’s undergoing maintenance and emergency maintenance earlier to ensure you don’t experience issues ingame. 😉

its because its a new game. When it matures more they may be able to shorten the maintenance by at least 2 to 3 hours.

But for now we are likely to end up with extensions even with the new longer maintained.