Question for GMs/Dev team about Rare drop 24 hour ticket still ticking? During maintenance?

I had used a 24 hour Rare drop ticket and used about an hour of it before the maintenance announcement. Will the timer keep ticking while maintenance is under way? Will I lose my time because of maintenance? Or does the timer stop when the game is under maintenance?

If you don’t get a response until after maintenance is over, could you tell us if it does? This would be helpful to know. ❤ problem

And sorry in advance if it does lose time over maintenance. 😞

The pain of it all.....

We are considering adding a function that can extend the decreased amount of the effect duration due to maintenance in the future updates.

A measure to effectively prevent the timer countdown during the maintenance is going to be a future update. We don't have it now.

They did warn.

I am not upset and I knew about the timer ticking while I am off line, but maintenance I have no control over and yes it keeps on ticking! Lost 6 hours!

Maybe Sega can give apologies ticks with 4 60min 50% Rare drop tickets out for those who purchased these 24 tickets. Would be nice!

25% boost, take it or leave it. :3