Unable to start the game

I don't know why, Gameguard stuck on connecting, this happen about a 2 week, I really want to play the game but This issue is preventing me to play the game, I forgot one thing, I restart the teredo, after I restart teredo, I can't play the game anymore, is this a problem between teredo and gameguard ?

Desktop Screenshot 2021.06.23 - (2).png Desktop Screenshot 2021.06.23 - Desktop Screenshot 2021.06.24 - (2).png

This is all the problem I get, I will want to play the game, can someone help me pls

(sorry my english is not good)

@Hoshino_Alice there’s a maintenance currently underway, is it booting up at all?

And are you using windows 11 or IPV6?

I using windows 10