Chat bubble off option

@Vashzaron I used the uioff command, just as you suggested.

@GM-Bleed What's the status on something to deal with this? I've not to experience racial slurs, thank goodness, but the constant onslaught of spammers for sites selling things has got me to the point of dreading being in there and turning me off of the game. These noisy cut in chats or whatever they are called and chat bubbles of constant spam need to be addressed, please give us the option to deal with it on our own as its become painfully obvious the GM/Dev team are unable to as blocking/banning an account on a free to play game is not going to work and is why we see a constant supply of low-level new accounts spamming. Either a way to completely turn off bubbles, or better yet a way to block all new account chat.

@Griffler So far it's still "just report them" but there is a feature now to add that player yo your blacklist. Supposedly it blocks their chat bubbles, too. Some are saying it's instantaneous, others are saying you have to leave the room and come back again. Which by then that spammer has usually moved on and a new one has taken their place. But they did announce on Twitter/FB that they intend to crack down on real money transaction spam soon.

I do feel that a chat bubble off option would be nice since the ui off command also turns things off like the rhythm game ui during the concerts.