Chat bubble off option

We really need a way to shut off all chat bubbles from other players. During the live concert today the screen was being bombarded with non stop racial slurs and other random crap. It's an annoyance to hear it constantly poping off ever two seconds.

If you see players throwing racial slurs, you should report them, obviously.

That won't stop my screen from exploding at the immediate moment. Reporting is fine but it will probably take several days for anything to be done.

I agree with you, I also wish that when a concert starts the game automatically would turn off sound effects if you press the focus button...oooo there we go when you press the focus button during a Concert it turns off the sound(not the music) and chat bubbles till she is done then every can shout out encore

I have to manually turn down the sound effects cuz of all the male cast that are around jumping it makes hard to hear her, also would be nice if no one could go behind the stage or stand in front of it when you focus

I agree with you.

Agreed, this is a source of constant frustration for me. I'm at a "concert" for two reasons: to hear a song (or two) and get a buff. Not to be bombarded by some pathetically thirsty, basement-dwelling weeb spamming "show me ur feet" or "gimme lewds" for ten minutes straight. Frankly the option to "mute everyone" shouldn't be a necessity, players should just not be trashy, juvenile little pricks, but that's not likely to ever happen so a "mute all" function is definitely needed.

Hello! Apologies for the inconvenience. We will be more strict in patrolling and ensure that these players who always spams inappropriate symbol arts will be sanctioned accordingly.

@GM-Bleed It's generally text, not SAs, although a lot of them do use the "sound effect" or "cut-in" chat functions to make their spam even more intrusive. I think one of the previous suggestions, about the "press ___ to focus" function effectively muting all other aspects of the game but the concert itself would probably be the most straight-forward and effective method of addressing the problem, at least in the immediate moment. Doesn't stop players from being trashy, but at least it keeps them from ruining the experience for others.

Got it! We hear you guys.

For concerts what you can do is /uioff 600 command and maybe mute SFX in audio.

@GM-Bleed And we appreciate that. For me, personally, it's a huge improvement just hearing from someone "on the inside," so to speak. Nearly 6 years on the Bungie forums giving feedback, constructive criticism, suggestions, etc. for their Destiny game and never once heard from any of them. not the dev team, not the community team, not even the forum moderators. Bungie was notorious for going on and on about how they listen to the community and yet you could see the first 10+ pages of their feedback forum crammed with thousands of players asking for the exact same feature or change or quality of life fix, more often than not something along the lines of "quest rewards aren't rewarding enough" and if we were "lucky" 8 months later Bungie would, in essence, say "we hear you about rewards not feeling rewarding enough, so we're going to make all other rewards even worse so these rewards will look awesome in comparison. See? We're listening! You're welcome!"

I don't know if, big picture, things are going to be any different here but just getting actual one-on-one acknowledgement like this is already a big improvement. So thank you, to you and your fellow GMs.

@zaffy2005 , we appreciate the overwhelming support. 🙂

In JP there is a command to temporarily mute the chat- I forget what it is- but you're able to put a number after the command that is the seconds its muted for. It's good to use before crowded concerts if you don't want to see the symbol art... Idk if it exists in NA but I don't see why it wouldn't.

@Vashzaron At best that will remove the chat log on the right hand side (which can be turned off anyway) and keep the SFX from interrupting, but it will not stop the screen from being obscured by the dozens of chat bubbles. I've tried.

@zaffy2005 said in Chat bubble off option:

@Vashzaron At best that will remove the chat log on the right hand side (which can be turned off anyway) and keep the SFX from interrupting, but it will not stop the screen from being obscured by the dozens of chat bubbles. I've tried.

It does remove the bubbles off the screen, I am not sure what you tried instead because this turns off every UI element.

/uioff 600

600 is the amount of seconds to turn the UI off, else default is 10 seconds. To manually bring up the UI push ESC.