Chat bubble off option

We really need a way to shut off all chat bubbles from other players. During the live concert today the screen was being bombarded with non stop racial slurs and other random crap. It's an annoyance to hear it constantly poping off ever two seconds.

If you see players throwing racial slurs, you should report them, obviously.

That won't stop my screen from exploding at the immediate moment. Reporting is fine but it will probably take several days for anything to be done.

I agree with you, I also wish that when a concert starts the game automatically would turn off sound effects if you press the focus button...oooo there we go when you press the focus button during a Concert it turns off the sound(not the music) and chat bubbles till she is done then every can shout out encore

I have to manually turn down the sound effects cuz of all the male cast that are around jumping it makes hard to hear her, also would be nice if no one could go behind the stage or stand in front of it when you focus