Allow Multi-Weapons to work with emote poses.


I put my Dual Saber into a Wired Lance (since it had the fixa) and now cannot use the DS actively on my back and 'active' in the DS pose.

Please let us use our poses !!!

They really should have a main/subpalette option to change the multiweapon mode that works both in and out of the city. Not only for emotes, but because it could be helpful for certain setups (like if I have all the mainpalette filled already but want to change weapons for the weapon action for example when binding the weapon action to it's own button rather than taking up a slot in the mainpalette) or just to use the photon blast from the other weapon, without having to do an attack from that weapon.

The multiweapon mechanic is brand new, so there’s definitely issues with it. Only thing I can recommend is carrying a spare weapon to show camo until then.