NGS Music

What does everyone think of the soundtrack in NGS?

Me personally am not exactly a fan of it. Although my only favorite tracks are the cocoon theme and the Rappy theme song.

Really liking the Central City themes and the ambience in exploration sectors. More and more I'm missing the contrast with that other town.

Not bad, but not great either, kinda repetitive. If I could change the entire soundtrack to a mix of PSO and PSU, I would do it.

Hearing Day Dawns in the sitting area in central city now and again feels like a massive tease.

The battle music can definitely get repetitive, and some music feels wrong for the situation.

Nice to hear older music snuck in on mountaintops tho. ❤

I really like the music on Mt. Magnus. It keeps me pumped to get PSE burst, lol.

@Pariah-Chan I head Rose Confession the other day.......hit me right in the nostalgia.

Central City needs a Jukebox.

There’s a cafe area that plays old music when you approach it, hearing those songs reminds me of better games from long ago. XD

@Pariah-Chan Yeah, I know, but it means I have to stay in one spot and I never want to move 😆 Would be nice to hear that music while talking with other players or doing whatever it is I need to do while I am in Central City.

Yeah, a bgm select would be a good feature. Cuz UQ music sucks to listen to for an hour. XD

I don't like the music in NGS, I normally turn it off. I usually leave the music on if I think it's good, like on FFXIV.

I don't really like it, as I feel it completely lacks any sort of Phantasy Star theme (but I mean, so did any music from like Episode 4 onwards in PSO2 as well).

All of the NGS is all generic "heroic" stuff, and it's just repetitive and boring. Don't like the opening theme either.

Hi all! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the music in NGS and suggestions on what you would like to hear!

I find the OST to be fine at best. I think Central City has a better theme than PSO2 gate/plaza, other places just feel like ambient noice. It works but it definitely could be better.

Vanford Laboratory is my favorite theme so far, and Mt. Magnus reminds me a lot of the Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyrics main theme for some reason.

My only complaint is perhaps that there isn't a dynamic transition between area theme and battle themes, the song always resets when it transition between modes and is very jarring when most of the encounters last around 30 seconds in most cases.

The Boss music is, as always, top notch, but the field music is kind of hit or miss. Mt. Magnus is great but the rest is kind of unnoticeable. It's not bad, and it works well as being just background ambiance, but it's nothing really special either.

But that boss music - so good. So good.

I love the boss music and for the field music all I have to say is that at least it is better than BOTW's which I can't even remember if there even was field music in. At least in most areas.