Featured quest

How do I unlocked featured quest, I don't see them

If I recall correctly, you have to complete Cofy's Level Cap Trial I Client Order.

At what lvl because this version doesn't have the 30 or 40 caps

@Darkdante446922 You're right, I completely forgot they didn't put the level caps in. Then honestly, I'm not sure right now (I may have to make a second character to go through and document everything). I would say just try unlocking Expeditions.

Oh, also just as an FYI, they are called Recommended Quests on NA rather than Featured Quests.

Oh they don't seem to have the xp bonus that featured quest have

Yeah, we're missing the 4th quest that has the XP bonus. This is because the quests we used to play are in areas that we don't have access to yet.