So now that we know what coming for next month

What you think over all? I am mixed as fuck here. On one hand the events look ok,nothing on the level of GI but will work. But then the AC are mostly female only,there male and cast on game as well come on.then the pso2 rerun AC,it's a ngs one? The hair did not looked ngs much on top of bring female only (or did I missed it). Then there no outwear,did Sega say they not doing them no more for ngs? Then the new weapons,3* ? Nani? And on top of it the most underused element? Then look ad 9f there a Japan exclusive collaboration? Why ? It's to show we 8n global not getting collaborations? Braver look good as fuck so there this.

SOLO coming out on July 9th so I'll just make that my summer MMO until New World and Endwalker. It's sad I really wanted it to be NGS but there's just nothing to do, throwing money at scratches and modelling your character in a town is not gameplay and should not define an MMO.

@BrokeSadMillennial hell even if I want to throw and model I can't much. I play male and ngs don't add much for the guys.dint know how much more fun new world be(building up as a massive cash grab and p2w from hell) but ff14 be good.

Well, when 90% of the playerbase play a female character, it's not really surprising. Yes, i pulled those numbers out of my ass.

Anyway, i'm surprised they even add male clothing anymore. I can only guess that the reason they still exist is to probably dilute the scratch pool for more sales.

Currently playing GG Strive, Baldurs Gate 3, Valheim, FF14, Pso2:NGS. I also wanted NGS to be my mainstay until Endwalker came out. I'll likely be trying New World at this point.

@Yggranya Yep. Companies hypersexualize the hell out of females these days. Sex sells.

@samsaralotus said in So now that we know what coming for next month:

Then the new weapons,3* ? Nani?

There are positives to this. We didn't really get to experience 1-9★ equipment in PSO2 but in NGS 1-4★ so far including limit breaking has really overstated differences.

3★ basically means only 10-13 less Attack and 5% lower Potency Floor at +40 compared to 4★. It does need limit breaking (120k and 30 Trinite not needed for 4★), but being a 3★ base also means something like a 50k saving on the enhancement cost itself. Potentially more if they're common enough that you can enhance them with duplicates more effectively than upgraded Silver Primm Swords.

Alternatively if you're happy to stick it at +30 you're still only down 25-28 Attack, 5% Potency Floor and the fourth augment slot which isn't the end of the world and probably costs ~74k to cap (and maybe cheaper with duplicates) instead of ~244k to +40 (same caveat) or ~174k to get a 4★ to +40. That'd allow you to keep using your existing 4★ as your main weapon and pull out a budget Glissen when a seasonal enemy shows up for most of the elemental benefit.

I will admit that I just assumed they were Camo's for some reason.