Trial/PSE Announcer for English voice setting

This was posted over in the bug report section, but I wanted to also bring it up over here too:

Right now we don't seem to have any announcer for trials and PSE bursts, when the announcer voice in the Japanese voice setting would work perfectly fine.

If this was a decision made by some higher-up cringing at the idea of somebody announcing this stuff, I'd say they can stuff it and at least give us the option to turn the announcer on or off if they feel that strongly about it.

I could even go as far as to say this could even be made into a category of cosmetic item: announcer voice packs, but once you all release the Takenobu Mitsuyoshi announcer pack I wouldn't need to get any anymore. Though I suppose that could put the developers in a position where they are forced to work with a static set of announcer lines to use for future content, without needing to get in all of the announcers to record a new line if they want to add something that needs a new announcer line.

Yeah I still don't get why we don't even get an option for a voice for this stuff when the JP version has one. The lines are in English so they could have just reused it. Or you know they could have gotten the UQ announcer to say the lines, or whatever the voice that counts down 3 2 1 before things start is (I'm not sure if that's a real person's voice with special effects or a synthesized voice to be honest).

Wait, those are supposed to have lines? 😮

Why did they take them out in English?

@Pariah-Chan Yup I heard them in a Azelyra stream I caught once, and there were viewers from global, so they were like since when do PSE Bursts have a voice?

PSE Burst had an announcer in PSO2. Just thought they removed it from NGS.