Combat Walking Animations

This is purely cosmetic and likely very minimal, but it was something that irked me in the original game as well that I still see is present in New Genesis.

Controller players can walk by lightly turning the analog stick so they don't move at full speed and aren't standing still either. In the lobby you have a walking animation and a running animation alongside the new Photon Dash. In combat, however, if you have your weapon drawn you will be using the "running" animation even if you move slowly which looks out-of-place to me compared to just running at normal speed. The Photon Dash is not affected because your weapon is not drawn during it.

I would like to see walking animations for all of the weapons that isn't simply the "running animation" at normal speed while moving slowly.

A plus one to this idea. It always looks funny. The only time this looked ok was with Jet Boots in base PSO2.