The NGS faces are nice, don't get me wrong. But.... I have been hitting a wall whenever I attempt to recreate my OG face with one of the NGS face variants.

See, the T1 face variant and the T2 face variant in NGS are clearly based off of the Juvenilis/Boy face from PSO2. However, the NGS versions of this face have been made dramatically more feminine/masculine:

T1 face has a blockier nose, more masculine lips, etc.

T2 faces' jawline has been pushed back, and forehead made larger, etc... Also, there is a total lack of cheekbones which makes the face look incredibly flat, particularly when viewed at a 3/4 angle.

I would like to suggest/request a T3 face, which would be a more faithful recreation of the OG Juvenilis/Boy face variant- that is to say, an in-between option that works equally well for male and female characters alike.