NGS: Hunter skill switch it to the old way

I would love to see if SEGA would the hunter skill " Hunter Arts perfect parry" change into the old way "charge parry" In my opinion this skill is

  1. a gamble and
  2. dmg waste

If you manage to success your attack it is a joke of dmg. a full charged pa (current avail pa´s ) do more dmg as just first step of the whole attack. change this skill into charge parry.

Stop being bad at the game.

Personally, I like the new Hunter Arts Avenger significantly more than Charge Parry because Charge Parry was too easy to use (you had a full 1.5 second window so it was impossible to take a hit if you just kept charging attacks for the most part).

With the new Hunter Art Avengers, the release of your attack (or actual connecting-frames) now have to line up with the enemy attacks similarly to how the Etoile and Luster handled that in the past. I feel this is a much more immersive and skill-rewarding change to keep the Hunter as the "tanky" class but to give them power to back it up as well.

I think it was too OP in the original, combined with auto-mate and the old iron will - Hunter was basically immortal.