Better alliance management ...

I'm just leaving this here, i'm tired of managing my alliance throught a Gdoc XD

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Make noise, send this to SEGA everywhere, twitter support, EVERYWHERE.

I've been wanting this for years, it's becoming extremely difficult to manage our Alliance without proper tools to actually manage it, and the fact that NGS has outright locked any real management tools behind PSO2 Classic itself is not helping.

It shouldn't be a questions of "Can we have this", it should have been done years ago, and there simply isn't any excuse for the lack of management or focus on Alliance's.

Simply put the tools we're provided with are insufficient and whether we'll get any tools to rectify this is anyone's guess.

@Bamboustache As co-leader "officer" of an alliance and been playing Global since launch and reached 100 members too many times now and needed (and constantly) to remove people (members who we sometimes have to guess that haven't been online for a while).

Myself and the leader of our alliance add everyone to see if they either respond / or to see if they appear online. But some might not want to be friends with us (which is understandable) but its hard to keep track of who's active. Also difficult alone confronting people (finding their contact info) to tell them we're letting them go.

TLDR; This is a great suggestion. It's also so simple. Defo need better alliance management. If it were me, I'd add that feature "last online status", more roles eg; master of Sword Hunter (class and weapon) and add the ability to increase alliance members from 100 > 200.

Anything's better than what we currently have. I support this suggestion.

Without this feature, many alliances I’ve been in has fell apart due to no one knowing if anyone was inactive or not. When you see only 5-10 on for a week straight, it’s already too late. 😕

It is such a basic feature so why is it not in the game? I know it keeps track of last login since after a long enough time it says that they haven't been on recently.