PC base pso2 ui scale to small

ok so i finally got myself a pc and one that can run the game on the highest settings, i figured out how to get the game to output to 4k and NGS looks wonderful and the ui is just right but base pso2s ui is super tiny and i have yet to get it to match the ui size of ngs

NGS UI at 4K pso2 2021-06-27 19-28-36.jpg

Base PSO2 UI at 4k pso2 2021-06-27 20-00-09.jpg

is there some why to fix base pso2s ui to match NGS, i have tried the user file and have had no luck in making it bigger(it just gets smaller) i have my text size set to large and to note I'm using a lg 4k tv as my monitor and im about 6ft away from it

here are my current user settings

Windows = {
    PadBackgroundUse = false,
    Width3d = 1920,
    Height3d = 1080,
    DisplayNo = 0,
    PadVibration = false,
    Width = 3840,
    ManagedDevice = false,
    DisableMemoryOptimize = false,
    PadType = 0,
    FullScreen = false,
    Height = 2160,
    VirtualFullScreen = true,
    DisableDirectX9Ex = false,
    Initialized = true

    Screen = {
        PreferredScale = 2.2,
        ReferenceResolutionRE = {
            Y = 1080,
            X = 1920
        InterfaceSize = 4,
        MaxScale = 1,
        InterfaceSizeRE = 1,
        ReferenceResolution = {
            Y = 720,
            X = 1280

is there anything i can do at all to make this bigger in Base pso2, cuz atm if i need/want to go into pso2 blocks i may as well get on my Xbox series X

I think the UI scale for original PSO2 still needs to be set from launcher options. It could be defaulting to 1080p preset.

@SaviorZero82 try the 4K medium on the title screen, seems like the appropriate sized one

@Pariah-Chan I’m on pc and don’t have that option, also I finally said forget it and set it back down to 2k for now, I don’t understand why games that can be 4K make all of the text microscopic at the same time

Like said, the option is not ingame it is in launcher. PSO2 used to have a major amount of it's options in the launcher but these days just the UI scale option that seems to be for base PSO2 only is there, among some sound options and such that mostly can be changed in-game.