When material storage got expired, item lab won't count the N-Grinders in the material storage anymore [Fixed]

When material storage got expired, it seems that Lavona is not counting my N-Grinders in the storage.


Of course, there's a lot in my expired material storage.


Is this really how material storage works in NGS?

JFI, Dudu counts.


EDIT: This bug was fixed with the August 4th update 😃

Might be another NGS bug, that they will hopefully fix, since Material Storage is a must have.

Last I checked that's how it's always worked even in normal PSO2 that's not a bug sadly.

@ZaenxOdakai I checked about this by going to the item lab while my material storage was expired and confirmed that Dudu will count the Lambda Grinders in the material storage. As I remember, the material storage of the original PSO2 always worked like this. How did you do your check?