When material storage got expired, item lab won't count the N-Grinders in the material storage anymore

When material storage got expired, it seems that Lavona is not counting my N-Grinders in the storage.


Of course, there's a lot in my expired material storage.


Is this really how material storage works in NGS?

JFI, Dudu counts.


Might be another NGS bug, that they will hopefully fix, since Material Storage is a must have.

Last I checked that's how it's always worked even in normal PSO2 that's not a bug sadly.

@ZaenxOdakai I checked about this by going to the item lab while my material storage was expired and confirmed that Dudu will count the Lambda Grinders in the material storage. As I remember, the material storage of the original PSO2 always worked like this. How did you do your check?