Is their a way to see all the items/outfits you have unlocked ?

w/o using a salon pass?

If not they should add a way to do so. (dont wanna waste a pass if i cant make a outfit look well with parts unlocked)

I think I don't fully understand. By "unlocked" you mean cosmetics that you have used or have in your storage/inventory?

You could use Open Menu → Gear/Sub-Pallete → Customize Looks. You can change a few things there but is a bit limited compared to the Salon. Also be aware that you can't check NGS outfits if you are using a PSO2 outfit and vice verse, for that you need to go directly to the Salon.

Also you don't need to have a Salon Pass to use it, the pass is only necessary if you want to make changes to your body type, face, skin color, and a few more things. Even if you have one in your inventory it won't be consumed until you accept the changes made, that's if any are made anyways. You know you'll need to use a Salon Pass if tou see these symbols when reviewing the changes made.9e2926cf-424b-4c70-8897-1f7813ea1c7d~3.png

If you have any PSO2 Outfit and Outwear, you can put them in Character Storage to see them directly in the Salon, instead of having them in your inventory everytime you wanna change or check them.

FWIW, I don't know if it's the same with salon passes, but if you want to change outerwear color the game requires you to have one in your inventory to even toggle the change in the salon, even if it doesn't actually get consumed until you finalize the changes + exit.

So if it's the same case with Salon passes, you might need one in your inventory to preview SG-marked items, but it won't be consumed if you don't save any changes.

And you can definitely go into the salon to preview accessories/outfits/whatever without using a salon pass.

You can use the salon for free. A pass just allows you to edit things that would normally cost SG for free.