[NGS] Make Pettas Soul easier to obtain

Right now, the ranged potency soul augment Pettas Soul, compared to its melee and technique counterparts Daityl Soul and Nex Soul, are very hard to obtain due to the limited options available to farm them.

As it stands right now, both Daityl Soul and Nex Soul can be reliably farmed in the field to an extent. For the former, Daityls commonly appear at the end of PSE bursts in combat areas and have a veteran spawn location in South Aelio. For the latter, Nex Aelio has a chance to appear in Resol Forest and can also be farmed from the Nex Vera UQ.

For Pettas Soul, according to sources I've read it's supposed to be able to drop from level 15 Pettax mobs, but is extremely rare and I personally have maybe only seen this happen once in the first three weeks of NGS' lifespan. The only other place to get it in a more guaranteed environment is the Pettas Vera UQ, which is all but guaranteed to drop one I or II capsule. However, this means in hindsight that it's only possible to obtain one Pettas Soul capsule every 4-6 hours, depending on how often UQs pop.

The end result is that obtaining Pettas Soul is heavily gated compared to Daityl and Nex Soul; Where as the other two can be reliably obtained from the open field, Pettas Soul is not and almost relies solely on an urgent quest. For people using ranger or gunner and/or use rifles, launchers and TMGs, this is not very fair.

On ship 2, this disparity can also be seen in the personal shop at this time of this post:

Daityl Soul: 2k (I) / 31k (II)

Nex Soul: 2k (I) / 38k (II)

Pettas Soul: 7k (I) / 68k (II)

So my suggestion would be: Assuming that lv15 pettax enemies do actually drop it, to increase the drop rate of Pettas Soul on pettax enemies to bring it more in line with how much Daityl and Nex Soul drops in the field. As pettax are more common this would mean the drop rate would still have to be kept low, but enough that ranged weapon users aren't waiting 4-6 hours to get 1 capsule for one of the better ranged potency focused soul augments.

Imo things related to range in general is typically the unloved child.

  1. Gating the 3* rifle behind UQ and possibly the sword field boss that nobody seemed bothered to do in CBT.
  2. Higher price manipulation done by players on range related things, but rifle would be a good example.
  3. The effort that goes into rifle weapon camos in specific vs other weapon camos for other weapon categories.
  4. Giga Precision seems to be dropping less than Giga Might and Giga Technique where Giga Technique seems to drop more often.

But yeah, people who have the range play style will prob continue to face these subjectively small or huge QoL issues.

@Kami-Sama said in [NGS] Make Pettas Soul easier to obtain:

  1. Giga Precision seems to be dropping less than Giga Might and Giga Technique where Giga Technique seems to drop more often.

Just a side note; I 've actually seen examples of players saying that they get affix capsules for weapon types other than the one they're using all the time. I have a really hard time getting Precision capsules but I have people playing non-ranged classes/weapons that say they get them by the bucketloads.

Also ranged classes being the "unloved child" doesn't just apply to NGS; They seem to get the shaft in every MMO I play.

@Moofey Feels bad to the range gang T^T.

Oh, that's interesting to hear that tho. I guess it reinforces the idea that there seems to be some sort of game mechanic/hidden rule-law that goes oh to prevent a player excelling and getting the best gear/enhancements/augments, we should write a code to make sure that the stuff they need to get is set to lower than normal.

I kind of understand why they would do that to make progression or prevent burnt out quickly unless a player is that much of a luksak, but at the same time it still doesn't feel great knowing that we're subjected to this lul.

I also personally haven't really played a lot of other MMOs as ig the latest one I came from would be MapleStory LOL, but after like 1 year of playing on global classic PSO2, CBT and then from launch till now, my opinion is that of if you had to say what's the most loved and least love class in PSO2 or PSO2NGS, then I would argue that Ranger is. Idk about other games as I have not that much other experience, but in this game, Ranger to me is the "unloved child" lul.

It certainly is way harder to get Vettas Souls compared to the others.

Not only is Vettas the only Boss that can't be farmed outside the UQ, his UQ also triggers less frequent than Nex.

Also now that there's Nex Gigas it's even easier to get Nex soul than it already is. Where's a reasonably leveled Pettas Giga?

In terms of UQs, Pettas and Nex alternate. However we don't know how that's going to look when mining defense gets added next week but it would be safe to assume that the three would rotate. (Also worth mentioning as above that both Daityl and Nex have gigantix variants exist as well.) As a side-effect though, this means that Pettas Vera will be happening less frequently and is going to cause more issues with obtaining Pettas Soul capsules reliably.

Also Pettas Vera does not have a UQ equivalent outside of regular Pettas and Pettax mobs, unlike Nex Vera. (who of course has Nex Aelio) I have noticed more recently that pettax mobs have been dropping Pettas Soul capsules a little more but is still very, very low so I don't think it's balanced out. It does help that both Pettas Vera and Nex Vera now drop two capsules per UQ right now. (Not sure if that's just for the event or something else.) Either way a fair balance for Pettas Soul capsules compared to Daityl and Nex Soul capsules is still to be desired, and the addition of Mining Defense into the UQ rotation is probably going to make it worse.

You could also torture yourself and go for the lab grind. Pettas soul still drops from level 15 Pettas X. Though after 6 hours of continuous grind I only had 20 Soul 1's not a single 2

@Tan said in [NGS] Make Pettas Soul easier to obtain:

Though after 6 hours of continuous grind I only had 20 Soul 1's not a single 2

Yikes. In that same amount of time of Gigas camping/chilling, one could have netted several Nex Soul 2's, as a comparison.

@Moofey said in [NGS] Make Pettas Soul easier to obtain:

It does help that both Pettas Vera and Nex Vera now drop two capsules per UQ right now.

Hmm I noticed getting souls x2 quite a bit now but also remember seeing getting 1 soul capsule in UQ sometimes still. But I could be seeing things.